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Specializing in wax treatments for men and woman!

You are more than welcome to come and enjoy personalised treatments to address your individual needs.

In our world of non-stop communication, increasing career and family demands, economic uncertainty and escalating demands for time, finding ways to balance our "life load" can be challenging. It's no wonder the rates of disease and illness are at an all time high (and stress is a factor in more than 75 percent of illnesses today).

With so many things competing for our attention it's difficult to find the time to care for ourselves. The Wax Whisperer offers a precious refuge from a frenzied pace. A time and place to relax and disconnect from the world as you recharge your mind, body and spirit. The opportunity to bring your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves back into alignment. In whatever amount of time you can afford, we provide peace, relaxation and guidance to help create a healthier lifestyle.

So go ahead, make the time to care for yourself. Begin your journey towards healthier living by exploring the abundance of options available at The Wax Whisperer with Mia Mor.

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